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Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd hosts the design and application training course of the wire improvement of the steel wire rope

By Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd News Network November 2, 2022 News

In order to further improve the company's engineering and technical personnel ore to improve the design and application level of steel wire rope, extend the main knowledge of steel wire rope inspection, the company organizes the company to improve the design and application training course of the steel wire rope.



The training was taught by Li Yujin, deputy chief engineer of Beijing Huayu Engineering Co., Ltd. (formerly the Ministry of Coal Planning and Design and Research Institute). The training focuses on the stretching and twisting stress calculation of the wire rope, analysis and verification of the failure mechanism, the prevention and control technology of the wire rope failure, the prevention and control of overload accidents, and the non -destructive detection of the wire rope. Discussion analysis.

This teaching and training has improved the ability of participating technicians to improve the steel wire rope design and application of ore. Everyone said that in the future work, they will actively apply the knowledge they have learned to the research and project research of related topics in the company, solve the existing actual technical problems, continuously improve the design of steel wire rope, accelerate the improvement of manufacturing technology and technology, steadily improve the products Quality meets market demand and helps the company's high -quality development.

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