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Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd Manned Copy Way has made major breakthroughs

News Network November 25, 2020 News

On November 17, the ultra-high-strength manned ropeway wire rope produced by our company made a major breakthrough.
This single product is launched under the understanding and investigation that customers are in urgent need of a Chinese wire rope to replace the imported products from Europe and the United States. After much investigation, finally determined by our production technology for production.

Manned ropeways are 3560 meters long and weigh 27 tons. The production technology is demanding and difficult, especially the plastic pole rope core is long and thick, and the minimum breaking tension value is much higher than the value of China's "steel wire rope" national standard.

As the most excellent steel wire rope manufacturer in China, our company is anxious to meet the urgent needs of the users and attaches great importance to the order, and has carefully designed and strictly controlled the production process from the selection of raw materials such as rod core, the manufacture of steel wire rope as well as the twisting process, to ensure the features of high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, light weight, resistance to extrusion, small elongation, stable performance, etc. The product has been successfully completed.

At present, the product has been successfully completed. After testing, its minimum breaking tension value exceeds the customer's requirements, the surface condition and qualified performance are good, and all technical indexes have reached the international advanced level.

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