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The company's steel wire rope has successfully passed the CCS car -level social factory to review the certificate

By Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd News Network November 19, 2022 News

Recently, the company's alloy (resin) sockets, sleeve suppression of the tube, and the inserting cable buckle products successfully passed the CCS (China) car -grade social factory for review, of which the type of the type of the type of the type reached φ128mm.

The CCS (China) carriers' factory certification, involving product manufacturing data review, recognition tests and product manufacturing process review, and confirmed and evaluated the company's product production conditions and capabilities. During the on -site audit, the audit team was based on the "Specification of the Steel Sea Entry -level" of the Chinese Shipping Society, the China Ship -grade Society "Regulations for the Lifting Equipment of Ship and Maritime Facilities", and the competent authorities of the People's Republic of China. 》 The standard production and production standards, the company's various steel wire ropes, the material review, process review, and the key quality control point control measures for the production process, and witnessed the typical product sample production and tensile inspection. At the same time, the company's quality system operation, on -site civilized production conditions and testing equipment, and qualifications of inspection personnel were reviewed. In the end, the company's steel wire rope lending products met the new relevant requirements for the Chinese Shipping Club Factory.

The company's review and certification of CCS (China) -grade social factory is not only an recognition of the company's production capacity, but also a highly affirmed of the company's product quality, which provides a guarantee for the company's products to further enter the maritime and maritime facility market qualification review.

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