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Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd to carry out technical services for Kunming Dianchi ropeway

By Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd News Network September 2, 2023 News

On October 23, the company's technology center rope rope project team carried out technical services to the Kunming Dianchi -ropes with steel wire ropes.

GSR Company to carry out technical services for Kunming Dianchi ropeway

The Dianchi Lake Ropeway is located at Taihua Villa, Xishan National Scenic Area, Kunming. The lower station is located at the south gate of the National Village of Yunnan. The total length is 2000 meters. Among them, 1,000 meters across the water surface of the Dianchi Lake. 6 people can carry 6 people, which is the only tourist and tourist ropeway in China that cross -water and mountains. The wire rope used in the ropeway is 40.5 mm and 4200 meters long. Since the construction of the ropeway, imported steel wire ropes have been used.

In this technical service, the project team introduced the special performance and advantages of the solid -state polymer rope in our company to the user's production of the solid -state polymer rope. It is hoped that the product will replace imports in more fields and better serve the country's construction.

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