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Kongtong mountain cableway Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd sealed steel rope running well

By Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd News Network November 2, 2023 Case

On July 25, the marketing staff and technicians of the GSR company went to Laoshan Scenic Area to carry out after -sales technology exchange services. Through the follow -up understanding, the rope produced by our company has been used for three years, and the situation is good, providing safety guarantees for the ropeway of the scenic spot.

The Lishan Passenger Terminal Way Management Station was founded in 1999. It was put into use in early 2001. It has a total investment of more than 36 million yuan and a total length of 1560 meters. It is currently the largest span of the northwest radius. In 2017, the scenic area introduced advanced domestic ropeway technologies, replaced the ropeway crane box of the scenic spot, comprehensively enhanced the ropeway carrying and transportation capabilities, and replaced the seal steel ropes produced by our company.


The company's technicians conducted a careful test of the use of ropes, and various indicators met the technical requirements of ropeway operation. According to the relevant person in charge of the Laoshan Scenic Area, the ropes produced by our company have used ropes to be reliable and operated well for three years, providing safety guarantees for the operation of the scenic ropeway.

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