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Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd is the world's first three -tower, four span double -layer steel truss suspension bridges casting cat road cables

By Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd News Network January 30, 2023 Case

On December 30, the company successfully completed the world's first three -tower four -span double -layer steel truffle suspension bridge -the Cat Copper for the Gulou Bridge project of the Minjiang River Bridge project.

The north exit bridge of Minjiang River is a controlled project that crosses the Minjiang River 228 to the National Highway 228. The "two bridge integration" is divided into two layers of upper and lower layers. The upper layer is about 7.9 kilometers and the lower layer is about 3.9 kilometers.

On December 18th, the construction party's requirements should be sent to the cable engineering company to rush to the construction site of the North Exit Bridge of Wenzhou to carry out on -site to cover the cat road cocoa operation. With the strong cooperation and support of the construction party, the custrrous cast staff overcome the scene to overcome the scene Difficulties such as limited operation conditions and hard work of day and night work have been successfully completed on December 30, which provides a guarantee for the project progress.

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