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The "Dragon" steel rope is installed on the Yuanyang Honghe Bridge

By Shandong Guisheng Wire Rope Ltd News Network November 2, 2023 Case

On July 28, the construction of the Yuanyang Honghe Special Bridge produced by GSR Company was installed in place, and the first steel box beam was lifted on July 31st.

The Yuanyang Honghe Extra Bridge is located in Honghe Prefecture, an old city in Yunnan Province. It is 1366 meters in length and a bridge deck of 25.5 meters. The main span is 700 meters. The key project on the Yang Expressway is also China's first suspension bridge across the Red River. The bridge started construction on November 15, 2017, and is expected to be opened to traffic in December this year. The company's supply steel rope was 635.7 tons, which was mainly used for the lifting and installation of the Honghe special bridge steel box beam.

Yuanyang Honghe Bridge-1

Because the batch of steel wire ropes are all used to hang the key parts of the operation, quality control is the top priority, and most single -piece products reach more than 20 tons. In order to ensure the quality and delivery period of each steel wire rope product. The department actively cooperated, coordinated production, and regarded the needs of customers as the driving force for development. This batch of steel wire rope production tasks were completed on time and high quality, and they were well received by the construction party.

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