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The company's high-strength low relaxation prestressing strand products and service quality was recognized by users

News Network January 11, 2021 News

Recently, the company has received feedback from Yunnan users on the use of its products, fully affirming the quality of its high-strength low-relaxation prestressing strand products and technical services.

In the construction of Yuanjiang to Mangcai high-speed (Honghe section) project, the company as a strand winning supply manufacturers in the project to undertake the supply of high-strength low relaxation prestressing strand and non-bonded strand products. After the inspection and actual use of each civil construction section along the project, the products provided by the company fully satisfy the international GB / T5224-2014 mechanical properties of technical requirements and current construction specifications, and the quality of products is excellent. In the case of complex geological terrain along the route, poor construction conditions, construction difficulties, and tight schedule, the company actively cooperate with and support the user, timely delivery, after-sales service enthusiasm, and strongly protect the Yuanjiang to Mangcuai Expressway (Honghe section) project progress and construction, the user expressed gratitude and hope that the future continue to enhance cooperation, and to promote the two sides to greater mutual benefit and win-win situation.

Links: Yunnan Yuanjiang to Mangyu Expressway (Honghe section) is the first highway in the south of Honghe Prefecture, is an important section of the north-south longitudinal line s35 in Yunnan Province road network planning, but also the implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's visit to the important speeches in Yunnan and the "One Belt, One Road", "five network infrastructure development" and other major development strategies. "and other major initiatives of the development strategy. The starting point is located in yuxi city yuanjiang county and red river county, red river state at the junction of south dusk river and red river confluence, the end point to red river state in the old city of man consume the town and the open river highway intersection, across the central region of red river state. The total length of the main line is 138.668 kilometers, and the ratio of bridge and tunnel is 47.93%. The total investment of the project is about 20.860 billion yuan.


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